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Step 3 of the Financial Planning Process: Implementing Your Strategy

After we review your financial plan, we will implement the strategy we have developed together.

What Does Implementing Your Strategy Involve?

First, we’ll assist you with opening and transferring accounts. We will begin investing or transitioning your accounts according to the plan we’ve created. Our investment decisions are based on the goals you share with us — tax minimization, diversification, legacy planning.

You may be at a point in your life where you want to save more. Or, you may need to start withdrawing from your accounts. Either way, we can help. We can set up recurring contributions to or distributions from your accounts to make your life easier.

As we implement your strategy, we encourage you to come to us with any financial questions or changes to your life. Certain changes may impact your financial plan and we may be able to provide insight and recommendations.

What’s Next?

Our next step is monitoring and reviewing your financial plan. We will set and follow investment guidelines, provide you with web access and reporting, and schedule future meetings with you.

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